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A day on the Great Ocean Road, with a little taste of Melbourne

Many thanks to Jan and Nerine Erasmus for hosting and making my trip so enjoyable (it was great seeing you both!), and the members of CEED for making me feel welcome at their awesome conference. Despite the rivalry between Australia … Continue reading

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Tricky bleached Glaucous-winged Gulls!

Update, Oct 1, 2015: Then there are individuals like this Mew Gull, also seen in the Bay area, which seems more leucistic than bleached. Or maybe just the primaries are bleached? Who knows. During our July trip to the Bay Area, … Continue reading

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Mid-summer birding in Northern California

(with contributions by Lesley Starke) It’s always exciting when friends tie the knot. It’s even more exciting when the reception is at an exciting (read birding) destination. This about sums the situation when my friends Scott Loarie and Jessica Yarnall … Continue reading

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Summer 2010 in Namibia, Botswana, Zambia, and Zimbabwe

For any twitcher, the first step to amass a decent world-list is to make sure you build a sizeable lifelist at home. My formative years in southern Africa was rather productive in this regard, as birder friends frequently invited me on … Continue reading

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Late summer birding in Alaska

Having been to the subantarctic, I always wanted to get myself to the high Arctic to personally compare the wildlife and experiences from the two different polar regions. A conference in Canada (which by the way I never went too, … Continue reading

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Summer birding in the United Arab Emirates (UAE)

I visited the UAE between Aug 14-18, 2009. Having essentially birded the entire southern African subcontinent (apart from much of Nambia ) from childhood to graduate student, I always dreamt of the birds present beyond out borders. I had my … Continue reading

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