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Migration Fallout!!!! in the Florida Keys

End 2010 I started working with the USFWS to design a monitoring protocol for the federally endangered Miami Blue butterfly. This butterfly was historically restricted to the coastal areas of southern Florida, but through habitat loss its range has declined … Continue reading

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Tricky bleached Glaucous-winged Gulls!

Update, Oct 1, 2015: Then there are individuals like this Mew Gull, also seen in the Bay area, which seems more leucistic than bleached. Or maybe just the primaries are bleached? Who knows. During our July trip to the Bay Area, … Continue reading

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Mid-summer birding in Northern California

(with contributions by Lesley Starke) It’s always exciting when friends tie the knot. It’s even more exciting when the reception is at an exciting (read birding) destination. This about sums the situation when my friends Scott Loarie and Jessica Yarnall … Continue reading

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