Puerto Montt Storm-petrels a new species!

So yes, there we have it. The Puerto Montt storm-petrels I wrote about a while ago, turned out to be a new species. Originally found by two birders from Oregon, the (new) species status of the storm-petrels off Chile was confirmed during an expedition led by Peter Harrison. It also emerged that two skins at a Buenos Aires museum turned out to be of this petrel, rather than Elliot’s Storm-petrel, as originally thought. And this species is quite common – Harrison’s expedition saw over 1500 sightings of this species in just four days, and estimated the population to be over 10,000 individuals in the region, making it one of the most common seabirds in the area. Twelve birds were collected for scientific descriptions of the new species, and we eagerly await to hear what the new name would be.

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  1. Kieran Fahy says:

    Just a small correction!!

    Pincoya Storm-petrel was originally found by two birders from Oregon AND four birders from Ireland, the key individual in finding the species being Seamus Enright – without him, the species might still be awaiting description!!

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